Our difference has always been to offer value that has nutrition at its core that appeals to our clients taste to provide for a healthy life choice of wellness and prosperity. We are an innovative flexible organization to work with and we use feedback as the tool to improving existing processes, quality and image to align with changing trends’ in both the food industry and customer perception. We continually improve ourselves to exceed customer expectations in service, quality and cost by constantly striving to anticipate demand and creating a business model of inquisitiveness to solve the ever growing concerns of consumption and the diversity of our customer’s needs.

Lynn’s Catering is contracting with the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central WI) preparing the Meals on Wheels program which consists of Lincoln, Langlade, Taylor and Marathon counties with approximately 900+ meals prepared on a daily basis. The overall process of the meals is we procure the meals in Rhinelander and deliver these meals to the different meal centers.  Requirements for the meal sites vary with two distinct ways of receiving the meals for participants. Most sites package the bulk meals into individual meals and those are home delivered. Meal sites can also offer congregate onsite dining to the senior population. Lynn’s Catering also offers and packages individual meals for the sites so they can be distributed to our participants. These individual meals provide hot meals during the week and frozen meals for the weekend that would otherwise not be available for our senior citizen community.  Our daily operations consist of guidelines set by Federal Government for this program which consists of portion size, food quality, appearance, proper temperature, sanitation, inventory control and accounting activities.

Lynn’s Catering has used mix and matched components to align better choices and variety that relate closer to our customers.  The use of theme foods has always helped capitalize on relating special days for the community.  We also know that fun foods especially finger foods can promote satisfaction with our customers. We can offer a greater variety of desserts with healthier ingredients and a wide selection of drinks that also can be of healthy choices.  We cater to special dietetic needs and offer low sodium, gluten free, reduced lactose and vegetarian meals to customize to an individual’s body refueling chemistry for a full active day. We can also offer calorie count labels, which can be offered for future enhancements to our customers. We would like to use cloud technology that provides the necessary information to drive an individual goals and results.  While we constantly work at transforming new and innovative ideas for our customer’s satisfaction, one fact will always remain and that is we will always deliver exceptional tasting foods that deliver value.